City Council Mtg 3/1/2016 – Summary and Links to video/transcript
The San Jose City Council took a significant step forward on Community Choice on March 1st by passing a modified motion for the Environmental Services Division to draft an RFP (Request for Proposal) for an entity to develop, finance, launch, and operate a Community Choice Aggregation program in San Jose.  Council, in memos and discussion, indicated a strong interest in fully understanding the “public option” as well as a 3rd party startup service.

Before releasing an RFP, staff will work closely with the the attorney’s office to come back with a framework for the RFP process, with a goal of ensuring that there will not be a conflict of interest for the consultant who performs the technical study, and that a public option is also independently evaluated.  The RFP framework or draft will be reviewed with Council before proceeding.

Transcript and Video of Council Meeting (CCE Item 7.1 begins about 2 hrs 12 minutes into video)

San Jose Mercury News Editorial in Support of CCE,  3/1,2016:
Mercury gives strong support for San Jose CCE, and also voices preference for a public-private partnership to minimize or eliminate the start-up costs. The editorial is timed to coincide with tomorrow’s City Council discussion and vote. 

Community Choice Op-Ed  in 2/28 Mercury News
Here is the link to a great oped by Center for Climate Protection Executive Director Ann Hancock and by Jeff Byron published in the Merc’s Feb 28th Sunday’s edition.

Next Milestone
The San Jose City Council will vote on March 1st, to decide whether to authorize Environmental Services Department staff to issue an RFP (Request for Proposal)  for an entity to develop, finance, launch, and operate a Community Choice Aggregation program in San Jose and return to Council in Fall 2016 to present recommendations.

T&E Committee Mtg  2/1/2016 –  Our summary & some comments:
San Jose Transportation & Environment Committee unanimously approved the Environmental Services Department’s recommendation to issue an RFP(Request for Proposal) for a CCE for San Jose.  It is a first step forward for San Jose, and we’re pleased with the progress. Full City Council approval is needed next – this mtg(& vote) will be March 1st. The turn out was good: there were 9 community members that spoke out, representing various groups and stakeholders, and all except one supported CCE.  SJCE had 2 speakers, and our input and letter(below) were well received.   Council member Rocha specifically asked ESD to respond to the questions in SJCE and Ctr Climate Protection letter. Visit here to see video of the mtg. Scroll down to mtg date of 2/1, under Council Mtgs, and click on ‘video’ link. May take a couple seconds to load. Transcript of mtg is also there (but note it contains some errors and omissions). Submitted letters can be found at the ‘agenda’ link.

SJCE Letter to City of San Jose, T&E Committee, 1/30/2016:
SJCE letter to City of SJ, advocating for CCE formation, and supporting of ESD staff recommendation to proceed with (RFP and) formal technical study. (Written and Co-signed with CCP.)

City of San Jose, Environmental Services Departments, Report on CCEs 1/15/2016:
Key ESD department report, prepared for T & E Committee. Recommends to committee to move forward with CCE program, and issue a Request for Proposal(RFP). Report will be subject of Feb 1 Committee mtg 

San Francisco Chronicle, 12/17/2015:
CPUC Approves 100% increased Exit Fee; hidden fees protect PG&E, and hinder CCE efforts.

San Jose Mercury (front page, lead story of print copy), 11/29/2015:
Front page story on CCE movement and activity in Santa Clara County and San Jose.

The Almanac (Editorial, Peninsula News), 11/4/2015:
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors preliminarily approves formation of Joint Powers Authority for a CCE. The right choice, argues County Supervisor Dave Pines.

The Daily Journal (The Peninsula’s ‘HomePage’), 11/3/2015:
San Mateo County Board set to approve next step for CCE formation. Program to be called Peninsula Clean Energy, with expected official formation by Feb 2016.

San Jose City Council, Rules Committee Mtg, 10/28/2015:
SJCE Chair Ruth Merino speaks out at Rules Comm Mtg, pushing SJ to keep CCE discussions on track and on schedule (for Feb 2016 Trans & Env Comm Mtg).
SJCE Merino Letter to Rules Committee

San Jose Mercury, 9/2/2015:
Mayors speak out against CCE attacks; San Diego Gas & Electric attempts to amend SB350.
SB350 – issue of restrictions on CCEs

Sacromento Bee & New York Times, 4/29/2015:
Gov Brown Issues Greenhouse Gar Reduction Goals(SacBee)
Gov Brown Issues Emission Cut Targets(NYT)s

San Jose Mercury New, 3/27/2015:

The Independent(in Alameda County), 3/19/2015:
Alameda County Launches Study

San Mateo Daily Journal, 2/25/2015:

San Jose Mercury New, 2/25/2015:

SF Mayor Press Release, 1/26/2015:

New York Time, 3/7/2014: