Marin Clean Energy(MCE): MCE established the first CCA/CCE in California. The site is a good source of general info on CCA’s structure, operations, and rates. MCE serves all of Marin county, unincorporated  Napa county (and the cities of Benicia, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, and other).
Marin Clean Energy

Sonoma Clean Power(SCP): SCP came online over 2013-2014, and as of late 2014 serves about 6 cities and all unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.
Sonoma Clean Power

Lancaster Choice Energy(LCE): LCE serves the city of Lancaster in southern California, and came online Feb 2015.  It is California’s first ‘city model’ of CAA (Marin and Sonoma CCAs can be considered county-wide programs).
Lancaster Choice Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE): Peninsula Clean Energy is a Community Choice Energy program that, when operational, will provide electricity to all participating cities in San Mateo County, as well as the unincorporated areas. For the first time, residents and businesses will have a choice as to where their power comes from, as well as options for how much renewable power they can purchase.
Peninsula Clean Energy

Silicon Valley Community Choice Energy Partnership (SVCCEP): New partnership (2015) between Santa Clara County (unincorporated areas) and 11 cities for formal exploration of CCE (CCA) for the enlisted Silicon Valley partners.  Sponsored by Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Santa Clara County.
Silicon Valley CCE Partnership

Clean Power San Francisco: SF Public Utility Commission site, with info on San Francisco’s CCA effort, called ‘Clean Power SF’:
Clean Power SF(San Francisco)

Business for Clean Energy ( A key  program that works with businesses and advocates for clean energy policies throughout California.  They run a strong, active, and effective outreach program, that coordinates well with policy makers, businesses, and other stakeholders. Active in San Jose and the Silicon Valley area.   Among other resources, site has strongly recommended videos of talks on various aspects of CCAs by energy sector and policy experts.
Biz4cleanenergy – Home Page

Biz4Cleanenergy – Community Choice

Biz4CleanEnergy – Videos

Center for Climate Protection: Sonoma based organization promoting science-based green house gas(GHG) reduction programs , including CCAs, improved transportation, and renewable energy. Good resource, good programs, very involved and active organization.
Center for Climate Protection

Lean EnergyA non-profit that has been committed to promoting CCAs, both in California and nationally.   A good resource on CCAs in general.  Lean Energy and also see Lean’s page What is a CCA?.

CA Clean Power (California Clean Power): A company that provides energy sector and CCA expertise, and will effectively coordinate a CCA’s set-up.  There is no upfront cost to the community; CA Clean Power provides the service (of establishing the CCA) for free, and covers it costs, over several years, through the utility revenue stream.  Its an attractive model for establishing a CCA, as it removes the up front costs, and provide the expertise that communities may lack.
CA Clean Power

Wikipedia: Community Choice Aggregation(CCA):
Wikipedia entry for Community_Choice_Aggregation

New York Times: CCA’s in Illinois and nationally.

Northern California CCA intro(pdf), from Business for Clean Energy, Climate Protection Campaign:
BCE SV CCA New 4 pager

San Francisco’s CCA effort now supported by Mayor Lee:

Monterey Bay Community Power:Community group promoting CCA for Monterey Area.
Monterey Bay CCA

Grist Article:  
California communities seize control of their energy futures

City of San Jose, Environmental Services Departments, Report on CCEs 1/15/2016:
Key ESD department report, prepared for T & E Committee. Recommends to committee to move forward with CCE program, and issue a Request for Proposal(RFP). Report will be subject of Feb 1 Committee mtg 

SJCE Letter to City of San Jose, T&E Committee, 1/30/2016:
SJCE letter to City of SJ, advocating for CCE formation, and supporting of ESD staff recommendation to proceed with (RFP and) formal technical study. (Written and Co-signed with CCP.)

San Jose T&E Committee Mtg, 2/1/2016:
Summary, Video, and Documents – visit here (News page, 2/1 entry).