Cleaner Energy

Cleaner Energy

We offer customers renewable power options at competitive prices. Shifting to cleaner sources of energy is better for your health and the environment.

Reliable Service

Reliable Service

SJCE buys cleaner electricity for you, and PG&E delivers it over their utility lines. PG&E continues to maintain their delivery infrastructure, respond to outages, and provide billing.

Comm Benefits

Community Benefits

As a government agency, we’re not-for-profit—revenues will fund competitive rates and local programs, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and energy efficiency incentives.

How It Works

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Sourcing and building cleaner energy


Flowing clean energy into our state’s power supply


Delivering energy, maintaining lines, serving customers


Using cleaner energy, preserving the environment

Renewable Energy and Reliability Investments

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Kern County (1)

  • 100 MW solar
  • Developer: Terra-Gen
    • 15-year agreement
    • Operational by the end of 2022

Kern County (2)

  • 62 MW of solar
  • Developer: Terra-Gen
    • Innovative 12-year agreement, guaranteed to provide 16 hours of renewable energy every day, 7 days a week
    • Includes battery storage
    • Operational by the end of 2021
  • Both Terra-Gen projects will provide enough renewable electricity to power 79,000 homes annually

Fresno County

  • 100 MW of solar + 10 MW of battery storage
  • Developer: EDP Renewables North America LLC
    • 20-year agreement
    • Operational by the end of 2022
  • Will provide enough renewable electricity to power nearly 36,000 homes annually

New Mexico

  • 225 MW of wind
  • Developer: Pattern Energy
    • 15-year agreement
    • Operational by the end of 2021
  • Will provide enough renewable electricity to power nearly 186,000 homes annually


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Receive 100% Renewable Energy

Signing up for TotalGreen, our 100% renewable generation service, means your electricity will be generated from carbon-free solar farms.

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Time-of-Use Rate Transition

As part of a statewide initiative, San José Clean Energy customers are being transitioned to a Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan to ensure greater grid reliability, fight climate change, and support a clean energy future.


Commercial customers have been transitioned to the new evening peak TOU rate structure (as of March 1). Visit www.pge.com/tou. Residential customers will be transitioned in June 2021. Residents can change back to their old rate plan or choose a different TOU rate plan at any time. Visit www.pge.com/touchoice.


Visit our Time-of-Use page for more information.

Para obtener información en español, visite: www.SanJoseCleanEnergy.org/es/TOU

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