City Council Approves Rates/power Mix; Full Service Begins February 2019

In June, the City Council voted to set San José Clean Energy (SJCE) electricity generation rates at 1% below current PG&E electricity generation rates beginning in September 2018.

“Setting rates 1% lower than PG&E’s current rates will allow us to be very competitive and still cover all our expenses,” says SJCE Director Lori Mitchell. “We will be able to build up a reserve fund and pay down debt in our first two years of operation.”

SJCE launched electric generation services to City accounts in September 2018. In just two months, SJCE’s lower rates saved the City of San José about $17,000.

At its November 6 meeting, Council approved launching service to residents and businesses with 45% renewable power from wind, solar, geothermal and small hydroelectric facilities and 35% carbon-free power from large hydroelectric power plants, for a total of 80% carbon-free power. Citywide service to homes and business will begin in February 2019.

Read the full staff memo.