SJCE Power Mix Graphic

GreenSource gets cleaner in 2020, rates remain 1% below PG&E

At their meeting on December 10, the San José City Council approved SJCE staff recommendations to make GreenSource 86% carbon-free in 2020 (up from 80% in 2019) while keeping rates 1% below PG&E standard service. Council also approved to enroll residential and small rooftop solar (Net Energy Metering, NEM) customers in four phases beginning April 2020 and waive opt out fees.

2020 Power mix and rates

Council approved a power mix of at least 86% carbon-free energy and at least 45% renewable energy for GreenSource, our base product offering, beginning January 1, 2020. Despite a 6% increase in carbon-free energy, SJCE will maintain the 1% rate discount relative to PG&E. This rate discount is after accounting for the Franchise Fee and Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA). TotalGreen, our premium service offering 100% renewable energy, will continue to cost an additional $0.005-0.01 per kWh more than GreenSource.

Enrollment of rooftop solar customers

Approximately 20,000 rooftop solar customers will receive the benefits of SJCE service following the Council approval of a staff proposal to begin NEM enrollment in April 2020. Customer enrollment will take place in quarterly phases from April 2020 to January 2021, and it will be based upon their PG&E true-up dates to minimize customer confusion and potential loss of credits.

Customers will receive four enrollment notices in the mail – two in the 60 days before services starts and two reminders in the 60 days after service has begun. Staff will also host informational meetings so customers can learn more about SJCE’s NEM program. To learn more, visit our rooftop solar webpage.

Waiving opt out fees

Fees to opt out of our service will be waived starting January 1, 2020. Under current SJCE policy, customers who opt-out later than 180 days after service commences are charged $5 per residential meter and $25 per non-residential meter. SJCE staff recommended waiving opt-out fees because the fees are an irritant to customers that make them less inclined to return to SJCE service in the future.