Learn how SJCE’s innovative project is contributing to grid reliability

This year, the United States has witnessed the increasing impacts of climate change with stronger storms and record flooding. In California alone, we’ve had higher than average temperatures, leading to potential power outages, and wildfires that have caused devastation throughout the state. As a Community Choice Energy provider, our goal is to fight back against the impacts of climate change by providing cleaner energy at competitive rates and finding solutions to improve grid reliability.

In the spring of 2020 we partnered with developer Terra-Gen on an innovative power purchase agreement that will improve grid reliability and reduce the need for rolling outages. This innovative 12-year agreement will provide 62 MW of renewable energy by the end of 2021. The unique format of this agreement guarantees the delivery of 62 MW of renewable energy between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. every day. That is sixteen hours of clean reliable energy seven days a week. This will help meet demand in the late afternoon and evening hours when electricity use is high but renewable energy availability is typically low. Providing renewable energy during these hours reduces reliance on natural gas, this in turn improves air quality and reduces asthma and other respiratory symptoms or illnesses.

To meet this obligation, Terra-Gen will build more than 100 MW of new solar energy and new battery storage right here in California with union labor. We are investing in renewable energy for a healthier, livable planet for our future generations. Projects like this help us meet our climate and reliability goals to deliver clean energy while reducing electricity costs for our customers.

For information about this exciting project, read our press release.