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Paula and Sharon inspired their daughter, our Director Lori Mitchell, to build a more equitable world.

We love celebrating LGBTQ+ leaders who inspire us in our work and lives. Our Director, Lori Mitchell, was raised by two moms (pictured above) who encouraged her to be proud of who she is and to pursue a career helping people. In their honor, we’re highlighting leaders in energy helping fuel a sustainable future for us all.

Carole Migden (She/Her)

Former California State Senator

Senator Migden is one of California’s first openly lesbian lawmakers and is responsible for one of the most important milestones in renewable energy for our state. She authored the 2002 legislation that enabled cities and counties across California to create community choice energy programs, like SJCE. There are now 25 operational CCA programs in California serving more than 11 million customers in 200+ communities. That’s about one-quarter of the state’s population helping put renewable energy on the grid!

In her political career as a State Senator, Representative and SF Supervisor, she supported zero-waste policies, green technology, and authored the Clean Water Act. She also authored domestic partnership laws in California, extending benefits for LGBTQ+ couples before marriage was legal.

Carole Megden with Galvanize Climate Solutions founder Tom Steyer

Migden, pictured here with Galvanize Climate Solutions founder Tom Steyer, received the CCA Champion Award from CalCCA in 2022.

Luke Meade (He/Him)

Communications Specialist, Central Coast Community Energy 

Luke is passionate about his career in clean energy and believes making the switch from fossil fuels is essential. He loves being able tell his son that Dad is working to help solve one of the biggest issues facing younger generations. He sees Pride Month as a time not only to celebrate, but also to recognize the struggles and sacrifices of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a month when we come together to show anyone who is struggling with their identity, or longing for acceptance, that there is a place for them in the world.

Luke is looking forward to seeing the new documentary about Apayauq Reitan, the Iñupiaq musher who in 2022 became the first openly trans woman to complete the Iditarod.

A picture of Luke in his cubicle with a LGBTQ+ flag behind him

Luke is a marketing and communications pro who sees decarbonization as an imperative.

Jennifer Baak (She/Her)

Independent Consultant  

Jennifer is a trans woman and clean energy innovator who has led the charge for more renewable energy for decades. After positions with MCE, Stem Inc., PG&E, and Vote Solar, she recently started her own consulting business and continues to help communities thrive on clean energy. Her passion for the environment started early including writing reports in high school on the dangers of fracking and burning fossil fuels. The birth of her daughter deepened her desire to make sure the Earth is in good shape for future generations.

She sees Pride as a celebration born from a protest. It’s a chance to be seen for who we are and to celebrate the progress we’ve made towards LGBTQ+ rights and protections. With hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills being discussed across the country, and even more around the world, it’s important to raise awareness and to rally support from inside and outside the community.

Selfie of Jennifer

We know there are more LGBTQ people and allies in our field. We see you and appreciate you! Happy Pride!

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