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San José Clean Energy Service is Getting Cleaner!

San José Clean Energy (SJCE) has provided San José homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy options at competitive rates since its launch in February 2019. On May 11, City Council approved several updates to our service and rates, including making our default service cleaner, establishing a new low-cost service, and introducing a new program for low-income customers.

Renewable content of GreenSource increased by 15%

Our default service, GreenSource, now consists of 55% renewable energy, cutting San José’s greenhouse gas emissions by 140,000 metrics tons in 2021 – the same as taking 30,000 cars off the road. This is well ahead of the State’s renewable portfolio standard of 36% for 2021 as well as PG&E’s default service, which PG&E preliminarily reported as 36% renewable in 2020. However, we also had to make the difficult decision to increase GreenSource charges by about $3-4 more per month for the average home (or 8.25%). Since generation makes up less than half of your total electricity bill, these changes would only result in a 3% total bill increase.

These changes help alleviate ongoing increases in PG&E’s above-market energy costs, which are recovered through a fee paid by all electricity customers called the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment, or PCIA. PG&E’s PCIA has risen over 900% since 2013. The average residential customer in San José will pay $20 per month in PCIA fees in 2021, up from $10 per month in 2018. We are advocating for improved management of PG&E’s above-market costs with the California Public Utilities Commission and State Legislature to give customers more savings. To learn more about the PCIA, read our fact sheet or visit

GreenValue is our new lowest cost service

Recognizing that the pandemic has caused economic hardship for some and further exacerbated affordability, we decided to introduce a new service option called GreenValue that is open to all customers. GreenValue is 36% renewable, and costs the same as PG&E.

If you wish to make changes to your account, you can go online, call us at 833-432-2454, or email us at



*Based on average residential usage of 482 kWh per month on E-1 (tiered) residential rate.


SJ Cares Program for low-income customers

In addition, we created a new program to provide higher renewable content for our lowest income customers. SJ Cares provides customers enrolled in CARE or FERA financial assistance programs higher renewable energy (55% of GreenSource) for our lowest possible rates (GreenValue). All CARE and FERA customers are automatically enrolled in SJ Cares, with no action required. Enrolling in GreenValue will not save CARE or FERA customers any additional money; they already receive higher renewable energy for our lowest rates.

Upgrade to TotalGreen for 100% renewable energy

Customers still have the option to enroll in our 100% renewable service, TotalGreen. If it makes sense for your home, we encourage you to upgrade to TotalGreen for just $4 more per month than GreenSource. You’ll cut your carbon footprint, protect our planet for future generations, and help us add new renewable resources to the grid. To date, we’ve invested in nearly 500 megawatts of new solar, wind, and battery storage – enough clean energy to power nearly 300,000 San José homes!