SJCE Launches Municipal Service During Global Climate Action Summit

San Jose Leaders Celebrate the Official Launch of San Jose Clean Energy

San Jose becomes largest U.S. city to launch its own community choice energy program, set to offer residents and businesses cheaper, cleaner power in March 2019.

At the Global Climate Action Summit San Jose affiliate event on September 12, Mayor Liccardo “flipped the switch” to officially launch the first phase of San Jose Clean Energy (SJCE).

Today’s phase I rollout transitions more than 1,700 municipal energy accounts—including San Jose City Hall, the Regional Wastewater Facility, and San Jose International Airport—from PG&E to SJCE. Together, these facilities use more than 100 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually. The first phase of service provides these municipal accounts with a mix of 40% renewable, and 100% carbon-free energy.

Phase II of the Program – set to roll out March 2019 – will extend service to San Jose businesses and residents, with the option to select 100% renewable, carbon-free power.

“San Jose Clean Energy represents one of our most impactful tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the ambitious goals defined in Climate Smart San Jose, our Paris-compliant sustainability plan,” said San Jose Mayor Liccardo. “While the Trump Administration continues to abdicate its global environmental responsibilities, San Jose remains steadfast in its commitment to fighting climate change alongside our global partners.”

Starting in the spring, SJCE will give customers the choice of buying a greener blend of power than the mix they currently receive from PG&E. For SJCE customers, SJCE will buy cleaner energy from a variety of suppliers, while PG&E will continue to distribute the energy, manage the power lines, and provide customer and billing services. In addition, all SJCE net revenues will be reinvested back into the community, and into developing local green energy projects.

“This is a major milestone for San Jose Clean Energy and an excellent opportunity to recognize and appreciate all of the community members, organizations, and city staff who worked so hard over multiple years to make SJCE a reality,” said Lori Mitchell, Community Energy Director with the City of San Jose.

SJCE’s launch comes at the heels of San Jose’s recent string of accolades recognizing its climate leadership on the global stage. In August, the San Jose Metro Area came in first on the United Nation’s ranking of cities meeting their Sustainable Development Goals. In September, San Jose was also named California’s first – and the world’s sixth – LEED-certified city.

SJCE is a major pillar of the City’s newly implemented Climate Smart San José, a bold sustainability plan that sets San Jose on a path toward achieving the goals defined by the international Paris Climate Accords.

San José Leaders Celebrate the Offical Launch of San José Clean Energy – Press Release