Get Paid to Save Energy

Programs to Help San José Businesses

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San José Clean Energy is invested in moving our community toward a more sustainable future and helping our customers thrive. We believe in the vibrancy of our local economy and have several programs to help you save money and energy while serving your customers.

Help the grid and get paid

Our Peak Rewards program will pay your business to reduce energy at specific times called Peak Events. Peak Events occur when we know there’s going to be a lot of demand and stress on the power grid.

Cutting down on energy usage during Peak Events plays a crucial role in keeping the grid stable but also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with natural gas “peaker” plants that come online to meet late afternoon electricity demand.

Peak Events will occur between the hours of 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. from May to October. Our team will give you advanced notice when possible so you can prepare and maximize your savings. Medium size businesses typically earn from $200-$1,000+ during a single 4-hour event. The more aggressive you are with your reductions the more money you can earn. There is no penalty if you don’t save during an event.

Level 1  $0.50 per kWh reduced 
Level 2  $1.00 per kWh reduced 
Level 3  $2.00 per kWh reduced 

SJCE can work with your business to create a custom plan on ways to save and help stabilize the power grid. If you are not sure how you can reduce your usage during peak events, email at us at and we will work with you on energy saving strategies specific to your business operations.

Get an extreme (or subtle) business makeover – energy edition!

Let us help pay for your energy-saving upgrades! The Energy Efficient Business Program could help you save up to 90% off qualifying energy efficient upgrades that also lower your energy bills. This may include new HVAC, refrigeration systems, and water heaters. We recently helped several Lee’s Sandwiches with automatic door closers on refrigerators and freezers, helping reduce their energy costs. Program energy advisors are also available to get started with a free, no-obligation facility audit.

Saving energy helps protect the reliability of our power grid. Thanks for doing your part!

Go for the Green

Inspired to do more? Upgrade to TotalGreen and power your business with 100% renewable energy. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to improve the health of our community and environment. Plus, you get climate action bragging rights, window clings to entice more customers, and the chance to be featured by SJCE on our social channels to customers across San José.

Let us bring the positive energy

Want to learn about what we do and how we can help? Great! We’re happy to come to you to talk about energy. Lunch and Learns? Yum! A one-on-one session with your facilities managers? We love nerding out about building management! Or let us woo your whole group with a presentation at one of your business association meetings. Are we more passionate about sustainability or serving San José? You be the judge!