SJCE Signs First Long-term Power Purchase Agreement With EDPRenewables

Exciting news! SJCE just signed a 20-year agreement for solar energy and battery storage from a new solar park!

This is our first long-term power purchase agreement, and when construction finishes in 2022, San Jose residents will receive renewable energy from Sonrisa Solar Park in Fresno County. With battery storage, solar energy can be generated during the day and distributed during the evening peak hours, improving grid reliability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s how the news will impact our customers:

  • Long-term agreements offer power at a lower price than short-term ones, so SJCE operational costs will decrease. Also, renewable energy prices have fallen drastically over the last years, to the point that the average total cost to build and operate renewables is often lower than fossil fuels.
  • Since we’re a government agency, we are not-for-profit and have no shareholders. That means the savings from this contract will be passed directly to our customers— you! — in the form of lower rates and more community programs to fight climate change and promote equity.
  • We know our customers want more renewable energy. Going forward, SJCE expects to sign more contracts like this to meet customer demand. In fact, by 2021 SJCE will offer 100% carbon-free energy as our base option. Until then, consider upgrading to TotalGreen for around $5 more a month to power your home or business with 100% renewable energy. For the price of a cup of coffee, you could take a huge step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

For more information, read our joint-press release with EDP Renewables.