Synaptics headquarters to be powered by 100% renewable energy through TotalGreen

San José Clean Energy is excited to welcome Synaptics as our newest TotalGreen corporate partner. Synaptics recently announced their decision to power their San José headquarters with 100% renewable energy through SJCE’s TotalGreen service.

The partnership with SJCE is part of Synaptics’ greater sustainability goals. The company is committed to increasing use of renewable energy to 50% across its global facilities by 2022. In addition, Synaptics recently upgraded their HVAC systems, increased temperature in their datacenters, and converted to LED lighting to reduce building energy consumption.

SJCE is thrilled to see demand for renewable energy from our large corporate customers, despite the economic impacts of COVID-19. Late last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and eBay also announced their decision to upgrade service to TotalGreen. Partnerships between local government and the private sector are critical in the development of new renewable energy resources. These partnerships are one of our most important tools in fighting climate change and creating a livable planet for future generations.

SJCE’s TotalGreen electric service sources renewable, emission-free energy from solar generation. TotalGreen is a simple, cost-effective way for companies to reduce their impact on the planet. Residential customers can also upgrade their SJCE electric service to TotalGreen. Choosing TotalGreen costs the average home about $4 more per month, about the same as a cup of coffee. Visit our website to learn more.