TotalGreen is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.

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Company: San José Clean Energy (SJCE)

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San José Clean Energy Customer Service:

Contract Length

The agreement to buy this product is on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

TotalGreen Pricing

TotalGreen will cost a surcharge of the following per rate class:

  • All Usage – All Residential, Small Commercial (A1, A6, and A15), Industrial (E20) and Other (e.g., SL-1, TC-1) $0.01 per kWh for all kWh usage during a billing period
  • All Usage – Medium Commercial (A10) and Large Commercial (E19) $0.005 per kWh for all kWh usage during a billing period

The TotalGreen surcharge will appear as a line item charge on the San José Clean Energy Electric Generation portion of a customer bill.

Long-Term Rates

Within a billing cycle the price for TotalGreen is fixed. However, TotalGreen rates may be subject to change over time. Should it be deemed necessary to increase the surcharge for TotalGreen it will be adopted at duly noticed public meeting of the City of San José City Council. San José Clean Energy electric generation rates are managed with the intention of providing cleaner electricity at competitive rates.

Enrollment Options

When enrolled, TotalGreen will represent 100% of a customer’s monthly consumed electricity.

Other Fees

San José Clean Energy customers will be responsible for paying all applicable local, state and federal taxes and charges for electricity, including the utility user’s tax. All customers will also be responsible for paying the PG&E Franchise Fee surcharge and Power Charge Indifference Adjustment. There is no fee to completely opt out of San José Clean Energy generation service. San José Clean Energy may transfer your account to PG&E upon 14 calendar days written notice if you fail to pay your bill.


You will receive a single monthly bill from PG&E that includes all electricity related charges, including SJCE electric generation charges and a line item for the TotalGreen surcharge. PG&E forwards payments for SJCE generation to SJCE. PG&E will continue to charge for transmission, distribution, public goods programs, and other non-generation charges at the same rates it charges customers who do not receive SJCE service.


A customer enrolled in TotalGreen may, at any time, at no cost or penalty opt down to San José Clean Energy’s default product (GreenSource) or GreenValue, effective three months from the next meter read date.

Early Termination

To terminate TotalGreen service call (833) 432- 2454. There is no fee or penalty to terminate TotalGreen. Those that terminate will be returned to San José Clean Energy’s default product mix (GreenSource) or GreenValue at no cost effective three months from the next meter read date. There is no fee to completely opt out of San José Clean Energy generation service. PG&E requires that SJCE customers use one of the following options for returning to PG&E generation service: Option 1) Return to PG&E generation service at the end of your current billing cycle on PG&E’s transition rate for a six-month period and standard rates thereafter; or Option 2) Return to PG&E generation service, after six months’ notice, on PG&E standard rates. For more information on PG&E’s terms and conditions visit Accounts will be transferred on the day the electric meter is read and cannot be transferred during the middle of a billing cycle. Opt out requests received at least 5 days prior to a customer’s meter read date will be processed for that meter read date; all other opt out requests will be processed on the subsequent meter read date. Customers who opt out or otherwise stop receiving service from SJCE will be charged for all SJCE electricity used before ending SJCE electric service.

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