We’re Your Local Clean Electricity Provider – But What Does That Mean?

San José Clean Energy (SJCE) is your local, not-for-profit electricity provider operated by the City of San José. We source and build clean electricity for you – also known as electric generation – while PG&E continues to deliver it to you over its poles and wires (electric delivery) and bill you.

The clean energy you receive from SJCE is not an extra charge. All electricity customers, whether they are enrolled in SJCE or not, pay for both electric generation and delivery. Before SJCE launched in 2019, PG&E was the only electricity provider in San José, so electric generation and delivery were bundled together into an “electric charges” line item on your PG&E bill. Now, they appear as two separate line items. In the details of PG&E electric delivery charges (usually page 3 of your bill), you will see a generation credit. This is what PG&E would have charged you for electric generation. Your generation charges are detailed in the SJCE portion of your bill (usually page 4). This is proof that there are no duplicate or extra charges for clean energy.

Page 3 of Your PG&E Bill:

Now, with SJCE, you have a choice for how much clean energy you receive and how much you pay. We offer clean energy options for everyone. Whether you tend to be more cost-conscious or climate-conscious, we have an option for you. And since our services offer more renewable power than PG&E, you’re helping improve air quality and fight the climate emergency faster simply by being our customer.

We’re here for you – we can guide you to resources to manage and lower your bill. Local control means that our revenues are reinvested into the community through competitive rates and valuable programs that create healthier air and neighborhoods. You are the core of what we do, and we strive to serve you with transparency and accessibility.

Interested in learning more about how SJCE works? Visit our About SJCE page or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more information.