What to do if Your Business is Behind on Energy Bills

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San José Clean Energy (SJCE) is San José’s local, not-for-profit clean electricity supplier operated by the City of San José. Since 2019, we have provided clean energy for residents and businesses at competitive rates, while also offering community programs, local control, and more transparency and accessibility. We offer three service options to provide you a choice in where your power comes from and how much you pay for it.

We want San José businesses to know what to do if they are behind on electricity bills. PG&E resumed its collection and disconnection process for commercial customers in March 2022. To protect customers from disconnection, the state required PG&E to automatically enroll small businesses with balances more than 60 days past due into the COVID Relief Payment Plan. Visit PG&E’s website to learn more about this payment plan.

If you were not enrolled into this payment plan or stopped making payments, it’s important to call PG&E at (800) 468-4743 to set up a new one. PG&E will not disconnect your business if you are on a payment plan and making payments.

We care about our small business owners and know that having your power turned off will prevent you from running your business.

How to save on future bills

If you need to save money on future electricity bills, consider switching to our GreenValue service. This is the lowest cost rate option and still provides your business with 40% renewable energy, plus the extra benefits of community choice. To learn more and switch, call SJCE customer service at (833) 432-2454 or go online to SanJoseCleanEnergy.org/GreenValue.

SJCE staff can also help your business find ways to conserve energy to save money on your bill. Give them a call at (833) 432-2454 to discuss your options.

There is also a 100% renewable energy option called TotalGreen if that is something your business is interested in. It’s a cost-effective way for businesses to make a big impact on climate change. Visit SanJoseCleanEnergy.org/TotalGreen or call (833) 432-2454 to learn more.