To qualify for the Program, participants must meet all the following criteria:

    • Be a current San José Clean Energy (SJCE) customer
      • SJCE is the default electric generation service provider San José residents and businesses.
      • Check your most recent PG&E bill and look for “SJCE electric generation charges” to confirm that you are a current customer.
      • Customers who opted out of SJCE service are not eligible.
      • Only the electric service account holder can participate in the program.
      • If you are not sure of your account status or need help, contact
    • Live in a single-family home
      • For the purpose of the Program, a single-family home is defined as “a free-standing residential building.” Single-family homes are designed to be used as a single-dwelling unit with one owner.
      • Apartments, condominiums, and master-metered mobile homes are not eligible to participate in the program. You may live in a master-metered mobile home if you do not receive an individual electric bill for your mobile home.
    • Live in one of the program’s qualifying neighborhoods OR meet the income guidelines
      • Use the SB535 online lookup tool to check whether your neighborhood qualifies. If you live in a qualifying neighborhood, you must live at the premises.
      • If you don’t qualify based on your address, check if you meet the program’s annual income guidelines by looking at your last tax return:
Household SizeMinimum annual modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)Maximum annual modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)
1$27,180 $54,360
2$36,620 $73,240
3$46,061 $92,120
4$55,501 $111,000
5$64,941 $129,880
6$74,381 $148,760
7$83,821 $167,640
8$93,261 $186,520
For each additional,add $9,440add $18,880

If you are a renter and the account is under your landlord’s name, the landlord will need to meet all eligibility criteria to qualify for the program.

To participate, customers will need to sign an attestation that they meet all of the eligibility requirements. Customers who qualify based on income will be randomly selected to submit proof of income along with their rebate application. Proof of income can include the customer’s latest tax return, a Section 8 housing voucher, or proof of enrollment in Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA).

City of San José employees are not eligible to participate in the program.


Qualifying appliances must:

  • Be purchased between Aug. 29, 2022, and Dec. 31, 2024.
  • Be purchased from Airport Home Appliance, located at 966 S. Bascom Ave., San José, CA 95128.
  • Be installed by Airport Home Appliance. Basic installation is covered by the program.
  • Be new and operational at the service (installation) address specified on the application at the time the application is submitted. Used, rebuilt or uninstalled appliances are not eligible for rebates.
  • Meet the model specifications that are outlined in the application, as specified in the workpapers approved by the CPUC. Specifications and requirements are subject to change. Please visit for current requirements.
  • Appliances cannot be resold or returned. Appliance verification will be conducted by Program staff to confirm installation at various times after installation.


To be eligible for a rebate, the rebate application must:

  • Be submitted within 90 days of purchase and be postmarked by Dec. 31, 2024.
  • Include all required information, including the customer’s signature and valid account number. Incomplete applications will either delay payments or result in denial of application approval.
  • Be submitted with a legible copy of the paid itemized sales receipt showing proof of purchase that includes the manufacturer, model number, store name and location, purchase price, and date of purchase.
  • Be submitted one of three ways; via email at, via mail to San José Home Appliance Savings Program, 1322 Dupont Ct., Manteca, CA 95336, or via the online portal at


  • Rebates are limited to one appliance per appliance type, per customer.
  • Payment will be issued to the account holder and mailing address on record with SJCE. Customers are responsible for keeping the mailing address on their PG&E account up-to-date. Checks can reissued if they have not been cashed.
  • Once the completed application is submitted, rebate payments are typically made within 6–8 weeks.
  • Rebates are paid by check in US dollars and delivered via US Mail.
  • The rebate check must be cashed within 90 days of the issuance date on the check.
  • SJCE reserves the right to refuse payment and participation if the customer violates program terms and conditions.
  • For the fastest rebate possible, please submit your rebate application online at
  • Rebates may be subject to federal and/or state income tax reporting. Applicant is responsible for contacting a qualified tax advisor to determine tax liability. SJCE is not responsible for any tax liability imposed on the customer as a result of the payment of rebates.


  • Program procedures, requirements and rebate levels are subject to change or cancellation without notice and are subject to available program funds.
  • SJCE and/or their designees including program administrators do not endorse any manufacturer or product as part of this program.
  • Any customer receiving a rebate check may be contacted by an evaluator to verify product installation, be asked to complete a survey, or be required to submit documentation proving their income eligibility.


Please read San José Clean Energy’s Customer Confidentiality Policy or call us at 833-432-2454.

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